Motor Wheel Restyling (MWR), Headquarter is located in New Delhi, Delhi. We’re a 100% Indian owned company, among the leading Car modifiers & premium aftermarket components suppliers & retailers in India. 

Our car accessories product list goes back to cars launched back in the ’90s to the latest cars running on Indian roads currently.

We deal in Exterior & interior car accessories & related products. We also have a wide variety of Modified Headlights & Taillights.

All our products are genuine, quality tested & backed by warranties. We think you’ll find that the prices are quite competitive as well.

A Brief History

MWR is run & operated by a group of IT engineers. We founded Motor Wheel Restyling with a visionary mission: To create a place for people where they can buy car accessories, worry-free, effortlessly at affordable prices.

Our fundamentals are good honest advice, reliable products, fair prices & long term relation. 

We have invested our time meeting local experts & manufacturers with extensive experience & knowledge. We have collaborated not only with Indian manufacturers & Experts, but we have also gone further & across the globe to create a global experience for you, at your doorstep. 

Each product is first used & tested on our cars first, if it passes the quality test, then it is shortlisted in inventory. MWR invites you to feel what you have been missing.

Next up: an easy, online buying experience. It’s 2021, after all. Find your product, fill your cart, proceed to checkout: done! Open 24/7, no lines, no pressure. Plus, we ship across India.

Team Motor Wheel Restyling

Team Motor Wheel Restyling: Deepesh Chauhan, Mridul Bhardwaj & Prateek Chauhan. 

A famous saying says: “there’s nothing an engineer can not do”, & for that, we are a group of IT engineers, we manage all our digital as well as offline activities ourselves. 

“All our success is credited to our team & is the result of combined efforts.” 

Deepesh Chauhan (Digital Marketing Expert & Chief Editor)

He handles the content & products that go out to the world, catching irregularities with the eyes of a (spectacled) hawk. Prefers cornering over straight-line speed. 

Deepesh also backs Mridul Bhardwaj in Market Analysis & collaborating with new business. Deepesh’s other interests include, he is a professional percussionist & loves exploring unexplored places.

Mridul Bhardwaj, (Products & Market analysis Head, Editor)

Nicknamed “Offline Wikipedia”, You just need to name the product he knows the specs. He knows every bit of the market. 

Our Offline Wikipedia expert utilizes most of his day analysing the market & collaborating with new manufacturers & business. He also backs Deepesh in Digital Activities.

Mridul’s other interests include, he is a professional rider & loves exploring unexplored places.

Prateek Chauhan, (Technical Head & Management)

One of our Technical nut, he is the one who brings a smile to every face in the office. A charming personality with child-like innocence.

Prateek Manages all the development & Technical aspects of the website. He has a diploma in Electronics & he utilizes that knowledge in creating a custom audio setup for a few of our premium customers.

Prateek has a Keen Interest in Coding & spends most of his time developing various API’s.