• Voltage: DC 12V
  • Controls
  • Amazing light
  • Multiple Blasters
  • Remote controlled
  • Music synched
  • Dynamic car interiors
  • Light up the interior at night
  • Helps in clear visibility inside the car

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A treat-to-eye product, the Car Atmosphere Light is now available at Motor wheel restyling. To enhance the aesthetic and ambience of the interior. Car Atmosphere lighting is best used for creating a soothing car environment using light effects. The atmosphere light comes with 16 million colour combination lights and can be controlled by both remotes. The light is equipped with music sensors that synchronize with music and light colour changes with the beats of the song.

The brightness of a car’s atmosphere light can be easily increased or decreased using a remote. You can easily change the temperature of the lights according to your mood. The product comes with a wireless remote in the box. Colours, temperature, and modes can be easily controlled by a remote. The LED lights have a sleep-well mode and you can use it to change the light brightness.

Installation of these atmosphere lights is very easy, it comes with a 12volts power output socket. Just get the connections done and place two strips of the led bar in front. Place one LED strip, on the diver’s leg side and one on the pilon-leg side. lace the remaining to below the front seats but towards the rear passenger legs. Make the connections attached to the cabin lights system so that the atmosphere lights will get synched with the door opening and closing. the lights will work all the time but will increase whenever the door is open.

It is a DIY product, it can be installed by any person. Atmosphere lights are a universal product for all cars and trucks. Plug and Play. The lengths of each strip are adjustable, you can make changes according to your needs.



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